Tired of managing your Institution’s timetables manually or with unsuitable systems?

We understand what it takes, and that’s why we developed Bullet Calendar, an intelligent space management solution that will change the way you schedule.

Bullet Calendar is a scheduling tool with an integrated decision support system. It will guide you through the daily management of your Institution’s activities and events. Also works as an academic schedule that controls the occupation of all resources such as academic staff, classes and classrooms.

By combining the best tools and capabilities, Bullet Calendar is able to optimize your Institution’s management processes. It increases productivity while helping your Institution to achieve its strategic goals.

Academic Space Management

Space management tool developed to solve all your scheduling issues

Work more efficiently

Eliminates the accumulation of drafts that occur when planning schedules, reservations for rooms and other events that require quick adjustments of all resources to the needs of your Institution.

Make smarter choices

Monitor in real-time schedules of rooms, academic staff and classes in your Institution. Make decisions based on data which enables productivity gains, reducing errors and easily identifying the most appropriate solution to any situation.

Optimized management

Provides your Educational Institution an optimized management of schedules, events and all the features, automatically indicating the possibilities for eventual changes, taking into account all existing constraints related to academic staff, classes and classrooms.

Improve your decisions

Perform manual adjustments supported by an artificial intelligence decision support system. The application provides all exchange alternatives to every event modifications. It presents feasible solutions in order to guarantee an optimized management of your Institution’s resources.

Powerful Features. Intelligent Management.

Decision support system

Visualization of possibilities and limitations when creating and changing events, allowing an efficient daily management of events and resources.

Clashes control

Advise against overlapping in events, avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Resource management

Make efficient decisions by easily assigning the right academic staff, student group or classroom to the desired event.

Creation of events

Add new lessons, exams or any other events in seconds.

Event management

Great flexibility and efficiency when changing events, dates and resources, among many other options.

Instant publishing of timetables

Automated publishing of your timetable to the web or through e-mail.