Dynamic University Digital Signage

Real Time Information

InfoBoard University digital signage, displays relevant information to students by providing up to date data of the events occurring on the Institutions in a chronological order. The different information areas allow students to easily visualize events, activities, reminders, news, announcements and much more.

High Value Recognition

Highlight your Institution’s name and strengthen it as a high quality brand on the education market. Our University digital signage tool allows you to create a feeling of involvement and belonging within your student community, enhancing high value feelings towards your Institution.

Improved Communications

Facilitate the connection between academic staff and students by keeping the whole academic community always aware of the ongoing events and recent news. InfoBoard University digital signage will help you to remove the common barriers from the communication process.

Enhanced Efficiency

Eliminate the time and costs with printing timetables, flyers or any kind of information you wish to display. Using our University digital signage solution you will be able to decrease the management tasks associated with the content delivery processes, making it generally easier for you to broadcast your Institution’s information.

High Standards

Clean up the messy message boards and display your messages with high professionalism standards. Display information instantly and keep content updated with almost no effort.

Organizational Reputation

Improve your Institution’s image and public perception. Create a technologically advanced environment and improve the overall experience while providing useful information for your Institution.