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Expand your innovative thinking and create new opportunities:

Organizations are increasingly adopting IT, making businesses more profitable. The focus is primarily on efficiency and process optimization in order to increase productivity.

This is achieved either by decreasing the time required to complete tasks or through improved and faster decisions that powerful decision support systems can provide.

A partnership with Bullet Solutions allows you to add value to your business, creating new business opportunities and additional revenues.

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Why should I join Bullet Partner program?

  • You will be representing an highly innovative solution with a fresh approach to the problem;
  • Ensures the opportunity to resell a solution with very little competition in the marketplace;
  • A partnership with Bullet Solutions, creates new value, new business opportunities and additional revenues for you;
  • By establishing a long-lasting relationship with Bullet Solutions, you will produce a continuous competitive advantage in the market;
  • We provide you with support, advice and resource about sales, marketing, and IT;
  • Access to appropriate training and mentoring.

Partnership Program Levels

Authorised Distributor

The first level of partnership, means that the Bullet Partner will be fully involved and fully responsible for the following phases in the sales process:

  • Prospecting and making preliminary contacts with potential customers;
  • Requirements and needs analysis;
  • Product presentations to customers incorporating marketing materials and product demonstrations (all materials will be provided upon request);
  • Business Proposal presentation to customer and Negotiation;
  • Collection.

On the first level, the Bullet Partner won’t be involved on further processes after the sales process.

Certified Partner

The second level of partnership, which includes all the mentioned phases on the “Authorised distributor”, will additionally guarantee all-levels of support for the Bullet Solutions software. The support and maintenance related to the product, includes:

  • Product installation and implementation;
  • Data migration;
  • Third party software or hardware installation or configuration;
  • Training;
  • Level 1 support, including all problems regarding to software functionality (technical issues are not considered level 1 support).

How can I join?

Apply now to be considered for the Bullet Partner program. Simply fill out a short form and select the type of partner relationship you are interested in establishing with Bullet Solutions.

Become a Partner