Constantly struggling to elaborate a timetabling solution that fits all your Institution’s needs?

BTT is an advanced timetabler built to automatically generate fully optimized timetables for your Institution.

It combines and evaluates several objectives according to the interests of the Institution, optimizing timetables for academic staff, students and classrooms.

This is the BEST (Bullet Education SuiTe) core solution. It is crucial for the improvement of your institution’s efficiency, successfully providing huge savings throughout the academic year.

Advanced Timetabler

Advanced Timetabling Approach

Optimize your timetables

Don’t settle for a timetable that simply seems to work. Eliminate the solutions that on the long run will require constant readjustments.

Improve staff and student experience

BTT has the ability to work in an oriented manner when it comes to your students and academic staff, making the most of the effective time spent at the Institution.

Make the most of your Institution

The application will work according to the Institution’s needs, respecting the defined objectives and constraints, contributing to make it generally more sustainable.

Achieve a competitive edge

By applying the best timetabling practices, Your Institution will have the ability to distinguish itself from the competition.

Powerful Features. Easy Timetabling.

Optimization system

Based on powerful algorithms, you will be able to make an optimized management of your timetables and resources.

Automatic generation of timetables

You only need to provide the Institution’s resources information and the software will quickly generate a fully optimized solution.

Objectives prioritization

Prioritization of each objective, according to the Institution’s needs, when generating and optimizing the timetables.

Physical spaces optimization

Possibility of obtaining spare rooms to allocate external events, generating additional revenues.

Error free solutions

Elimination of typical errors, such as clashes, in resource allocation.

Easy third-party integration

A flexible application, which can easily communicate with third-party software solutions, integrating perfectly on your Institution academic system.