Automatic and Optimized Exam Scheduler

Bullet Exam Planner is an automatic exam scheduler. It enables Educational Institutions to generate and optimize exam schedules with the respective academic staff, students and classrooms.

BEP withdraws the well known complexity of the exam scheduling process. It solves the constraints placed by academic staff, students and classrooms, allowing you to stop wasting countless hours preparing a working exam schedule for your Institution.

Besides the complexity and the time required for this task, exams are a crucial moment on a student academic path, therefore Institution always aim to provide the best available conditions to their students.

With BEP that’s an easy objective to achieve. The application takes into account all the objectives and rules defined by the Institution. It is able to quickly generate an exam scheduling plan that satisfies everyone involved.

Automatic Exam Scheduler


Automatic exam scheduler

BEP allocates appropriate resources and time-slots to existing exams, allowing your Institution to achieve superior productivity gains. It solves a week or month-long task in just a few minutes, relieving human resources for other productive tasks.

Customization of time constraints

Defines specific time constraints for academic staff, students, classrooms and modules and achieve an optimized management of your Educational Institution exam schedule and resources.

Objectives prioritization

Prioritization of each objective, according to the Institution’s needs, when generating and optimizing exam schedules leading to an increase in the motivation and satisfaction for both students and academic staff.

Efficient solutions

Through its powerful algorithms, BEP is able to quickly generate an optimized solution, eliminating typical errors, such as clashes in resource allocation.