Automatic and Optimized Classroom Allocator

Bullet Classroom Allocator is a product developed to support space management process. This is one of the most common daily problems which affect almost all Educational Institutions.

BCA uses predefined timetables to allocate classrooms in an automatic and optimized manner, according to the required room characteristics for each lesson and the objectives of each Institution.

The automatic allocation capabilities and optimized management of classrooms, will allow your Institution to increase classrooms availability to allocate external events, resulting in additional revenues.

Automatic Classroom Allocator


Automatic allocation

BCA allows your Institution to achieve superior productivity gains by solving a week or month-long task in just a few minute, relieving human resources for other productive tasks.

Optimized Classroom Management

Make an optimized management of you Educational Institution classrooms with the possibility of obtaining spare rooms to allocate external events, generating additional revenues.

Objectives prioritization

Prioritization of each objective, according to the Institution’s needs, when optimizing classroom allocation, leading to an Increase in the motivation and satisfaction for both students and academic staff.

Efficient solutions

Through its powerful algorithms, BCA is able to quickly generate an optimized solution, eliminating typical errors such as clashes in resource allocation.