Interactive Academic Web Portal

Bullet Interactive is an academic web portal where both students and academic staff can access to their timetables and summaries of their lessons.

This academic web portal is updated in real time. Every change that may occur, like a change in a lesson’s classroom or the hour of that lesson, will be displayed online. This allows those affected by that change to be informed about it at all times.

Academic staff can also register summaries, mark lessons, make classroom reservations, perform requests for classroom changes and necessary material, among many other tasks.

Besides being completely interactive, BI works as a notification center, informing users through e-mail and SMS about occasional changes associated to an event (e.g. lessons or exams).

Interactive Academic Web Portal


Web portal accessibility

Provides remote access for the entire academic community, enhancing the speed and efficiency of workflow and information flow.

Timetables visualization

Allows instant access to the timetables and scheduled events for each week, avoiding common cases of displacement or miscommunication.

Summaries registration and consultation

Easy upload and consultation of lesson’s summaries enhancing communications between academic staff and students.

Direct request placement

Direct contact between academic staff and the Institution’s management team which facilitate a quick response to academic staff requests for resources and adjustments of particular events.

Integrated notification center

Increased interaction and contact efficiency with the academic services guaranteeing a reliable and efficient resource management of the Institution.