Key Performance Indicators Dashboard

Bullet Business Intelligence is an academic diagnostic tool developed to enhance Educational Institutions’ Performance.

It provides full reports, in real time, on relevant metrics which help you to identify new opportunities to optimize resources and reduce operational costs.

The deeper knowledge provided by BBI is essential to achieve a more sustainable and efficient management of your Institution.

Its unique capabilities, transform metrics analysis and the creation of reports into a simple and intuitive task.

Academic Diagnostic Tool


Intelligent graphical metrics

Easy to read graphical information, providing essential insights that support smart and profitable decisions.

Resources occupancy rates

Visualization of valuable information, leading to a more sustainable use of the Institution’s resources and enhancing your ability to monetize its spaces.

Staff service deviations

Access to deviations indicators from the planned academic staff service, that will contribute to achieve a much more effective teaching service.

Timetables quality

Access to indicators that show if there are any deviations from what the Institution considers to be high quality timetables for students and academic staff.

Identify energy waste

Visualization of detailed metrics that allow the identification of unnecessary spendings on less used areas of the Educational Institution.

Lunch breaks distribution

Easy identification of an eventual overload of a given lunch period and which period could be used instead.